What do you do when your little sister has been engaged six times, your mother is dating a sixty-five-year-old man with an obsession with fish, your father has run off from a family reunion with a woman who claims to be a distant cousin, and your ex-husband keeps stopping by with little gift-wrapped parcels of spicy food? Holly Philips doesn't really know what she's supposed to do next. Holly's pharmacist friend Maria has some of the answers, and a few spare cold capsules just in case. And Holly's officemate and fellow production editor Tom has a few ideas he'd like to share with Holly, if only he can bring himself to speak around her, and only when their mocking boss, Monique, isn't too close by. Will Tom ask Holly out, and will it be for more than lunch at The Jelly Deli across from their Greenwich Village office? Although Holly's certainly noticed Tom--he sits just over the modular wall they share--she isn't sure what to make of this boy next-door. But she's about to find out about Tom, about her sister Janie's passion for all things bridal, about Maria's weak spot for men who get their hands really dirty, about her mother's intended four-month-long African safari, about her ex-husband's plans for their future, and about long-lost Dad, who may not be so lost after all.

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Claire Duncan seems perfectly happy, if overworked, at her copywriting job for a small advertising agency in Venice, California. So it's a big surprise when she begins working with a new band of boy singers. Is the band's young leader becoming infatuated with her? What does this mean for Claire's relationship with Dennis, the other copywriter in the agency, with whom she shares an office space, allowing her to spend time guessing just how and when he'll spill his next cup of latte? Claire would be happier if her recently widowed mom would stop taking her along on double dates. Claire's pal Jackie has a few dating suggestions, including lists of eligible men to choose from. Can Claire deal with sudden success, not to mention the jealousy of her boss? Can she figure out what's going on with her therapist, who seems to be getting a little too friendly with the men in Claire's life? Join Claire as she takes control and learns a few important latte lessons.
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Two new novels by Linda Lenhoff

Praise for Linda's first novel, Life à la Mode
Reissued in Mass Market, April 2005

        "The satisfaction of a great slice of pie without any of the calories.
          Life à la Mode is sweet, rich, and tasty. Read and enjoy!"

                                            --Lynne Hinton, bestselling author of
                   Friendship Cake, Hope Springs, and Forever Friends